Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is madquack about?

quack Noun: an unqualified person who claims medical knowledge

madquack - a blog which I intended to start long back - to share my experiences of a mad life in a demanding health environment. The foundations of this blog were laid last year to discuss lighter side of being a doctor/med student but it is only now that I progress through a clinical setting I have begun to realise what it means to be a doctor. What it means to be with people through a difficult time in their life. What it means to be able to save lives. And what it requires to accept that sometimes you may not be able to save someone's life.

This blog is one of many blogs that I have had in the past but unlike those I hope I can update it on a regular basis as I move from being a quack to a qualifed doctor and share my mad, glad and sometimes sad experiences. My name is Gaurav, I am a medical student and this is my journal about life through med school.